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  • Novembro 2018

    Wei Chen/Tiffany.
    I was taken by surprise receiving a 4 star after all i have done.
    Infact disappointed. She was my first guest that took a bus from the airport to my home. I was very concerned of her being tired.
    So straight away cooked up brunch for her. She enjoyed it. Later i took her to the Plaza to pick up a few things. And had a Singaporean dinner plus ice kachang which she enjoyed. I honestly enjoyed her company. We got home and made her a cocktail with vodka which she enjoyed, it was her first time.
    She had to attend a workshop at boon lay which was far. She managed traveling on a bus.
    That day i prepared dinner.
    So both of us had dinner.
    She enjoyed the food i cooked.
    I did my best to make her comfy.
    She was very nice.
    The last day was sad it was the end
    She was leaving at midnight for the airport from the workshop.
    I was sad but had no choice.
    I really tried my level best to
    See that she was comfy
    All the best my dear Tiffany
    Take care and God Bless.
    i miss you.

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