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Thank you for checking our page.
We've joined homestay.com since Dec 2014.
We are NOT fluent English speaker however we can speak a little.
So our house would be an ideal place who wants to learn Japanese..!

Our house is located Arakawa-ku area in Tokyo.
It's very convenient area head to the center of Tokyo.

Please ask us about home stay any time.

Note: we don't have credit card service, sorry about that!

  • Non Smoking






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每晚每间 ¥3,800

卫生间 分享(与家人/其他客人)
1 单人, 1 日式床垫 床位

  • 书桌和灯
  • 空调
  • 地毯/厚地毯
  • 冰箱
  • 吹风机
 1 位客人
2 位客人



  • 公园
  • 图书馆
  • 博物馆
  • 运动场馆
  • 餐厅
  • 公交站
  • 火车站
  • 医院



  • 简单早餐
  • 使用厨房



74 评价

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    United States
    年龄 55 - 64

    5 心
    三月 2023

    I enjoyed staying with Yuriko san and Takashi san, a sweet and kind couple. The loft room is in an older, but typical narrow 3-story Japanese house conveniently located. The room is clean, spacious, sunny and well care for. I would love to stay with the Tsukamoto's again! I hardly speak Japanese, but communication is no problem at all, and Yuriko san responds very quickly via Whatspp.

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    Hong Kong
    年龄 35 - 44

    5 心
    三月 2023

    Mr and Mrs Tsukamoto are very kind and friendly. The home-cooked breakfast was also very delicious. I would definitely recommend it to anyone travelling to Tokyo.

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    Puerto Rico
    年龄 25 - 34

    5 心
    三月 2023

    Yuriko made my first homestay a memorable one. It was a great experience, waking up to a home cooked breakfast and spending the morning chatting about anything as we watched the morning news. The location is quiet, perfect for getting away from the city after a long busy day. The house is also convenient to two stations. This is the perfect homestay for those who want to practice their Japanese in a nice family environment.

    Yuriko, thank you for the awesome experience!

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  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8zndixnjm zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  93eda55eac52bcda1f4ed85092879eb42dc0eaa5&style=small

    年龄 25 - 34

    5 心
    二月 2023

    I stayed for 4 weeks and i absolutely loved it. They prepared a lovely breakfast every morning and were really welcoming and helpful during my stay. My room was very comfy and clean and I got a spare key so that i could come and go how it fit me the best. 10/10 would totally come back :))

  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8yndy5mjq zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  60fbf570b5345a865a5fb7c9b75cfc8432fa0a23&style=small

    年龄 25 - 34

    5 心
    十月 2020

    I got to stay in this wonderful home in 2018 and I absolutely loved it! Yuriko-san was unfortunately sick and hospitalized but Jin-san took care of me meanwhile. He created amazingly tasty breakfast every morning and we had a lot of fun conversations. Yuriko-san was finally able to come home on my last day and she was extremely energetic and fun to talk to. We talked about how she loves some korean actors and that she had gone to their concerts. Finally Jin-san was kind enough to drive me to nearest station when it was time for me to leave.

    The room/washroom was extremely clean and you can use the laundry when needed.

    This was the best host experience I have ever had and I highly recommend them!! Hopefully I get to go back there eventually! :)

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    年龄 25 - 34

    Automated Post
    四月 2020

    The host cancelled the booking 21 days before the arrival date.

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    年龄 25 - 34

    Automated Post
    三月 2020

    The host cancelled the booking 19 days before the arrival date.

  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8yotewmdu zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  98d3298c0f8c1be917931075b158a6fdd821a2db&style=small

    年龄 35 - 44

    5 心
    二月 2020

    Stayed at Jin san & Yuriko san’s home is one of my best memories in Tokyo.

    I stayed for almost one month. As the other guests said, the room is comfortable, and the breakfast is rich & delicious. The most important is that they are so friendly and like family.

    One day, I talked to Yuriko san that my classmates and I tried to cook the Japanese food 焼きそば however it tasted horrible. By the next few days, she cooked the delicious 焼きそば for me. It’s so sweet :)

    I’ll definitely like to stay at their house again when traveling Tokyo. Highly recommend!


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  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8yodc3mzk zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  a7ca162e9863e3d4844eb941e3625349d5dcf026&style=small

    年龄 25 - 34

    5 心
    一月 2020

    It was amazing. Thank you.

  • Graphic avatar placeholder

    年龄 45 - 54

    5 心
    一月 2020

    Yuriko and her husband took care of my teenage children when they stayed with them. The were caring, kind and helpful. The children enjoyed the cooked breakfast with salads and fruits and Yuriko's dinner was authentic Japanese home cook which were delicious.




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