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We have single room available in our family home. We are close to the centre of town and have amenities of a local park and outdoor space to walk, cycle or relax in.
Our family consists of two adults and two children (aged 15 and 17 as of 2020). We have a cat, a dog and some fish in a pond in the garden.
We have enjoyed opening our house out to people from countries around the world as we enjoy learning new things from each person that comes to stay. We are happy to help with learning english and settling here if you are wanting to stay on the UK.
Our house is a 1930's style house with original features and we like to think it is homely, welcoming and a pleasant place to stay. We have a sitting room, dining room and kitchen downstairs. there are 5 bedrooms with one of them used as a yoga, meditation and general chill out space. As a guest, you are welcome to use any of these communal spaces. There are two bathrooms.
We have a garden with a pond and are surrounded by open spaces to get out and about. You can get into town via foot, bike or bus very easily.
There is Stapleton Road train station close by with links into Temple Meads in one direction and Montpelier, Redland, Clifton in the other direction. We have a bike that you can use if you wish while you stay.


1 猫, 1 鱼, 1 狗

  • 花园
  • 自行车
  • 电脑
  • 洗衣
  • 露台
  • 烧烤
  • 停车场
  • 宠物
  • Pets Indoor
  • 电视
  • 网络连接
  • Non Smoking






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每晚每间 £20

卫生间 分享(与家人/其他客人)
1 单人 床位

 1 位客人



  • 公园
  • 公交站
  • 火车站



  • 简单早餐
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14 评价

  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8zmzu3mjk zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  98af4db4a1a11185585c62d3fcbb8fd652be65ee&style=small

    United States
    年龄 18 - 24

    5 心
    九月 2022

    Clare-Louise and her family were incredibly warm and welcoming, and their home was lovely. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a Homestay. Thank you for everything!

  • Graphic avatar placeholder

    United Kingdom
    年龄 55 - 64

    5 心
    一月 2022

    All family members are very friendly and I love the stay very much. Feel very comfortable although not staying with my family at Christmas as I was well looked after by many warmth hearts and kind people.

  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8zmtyzmta zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  2d4d543a32d5a400c26ed56244b3ea197121b734&style=small

    年龄 25 - 34

    5 心
    十二月 2021

    Claire-louise and the rest of the family were all very friendly and helpful and their house is nice too. I couldn't believe my luck to be honest! Thanks for having me.

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    United Kingdom
    年龄 45 - 54

    5 心
    九月 2021

    A good family, they are good listner with good knowledge of local area.
    The pets are really cute. I really felt like living in my relative's place.

  • Graphic avatar placeholder

    年龄 55 - 64

    5 心
    九月 2021

    Very nice stay indeed! I was immediately welcomed and made to feel at home, and enjoyed friendly chats at breakfast. Moreover Claire Louise helped me out immensly with various problems due to these trying times! Help above and beyond the call of duty!

  • Graphic avatar placeholder

    United Kingdom
    年龄 45 - 54

    5 心
    一月 2021

    Claire-Louise and family are very welcoming, kind and caring. The home stay was easy to set up and communication very straightforward. I would recommend.

  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8ynza0nde zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  01107904cf4de5de66a298f21012fde6366c0be2&style=small

    年龄 18 - 24

    5 心
    四月 2020

    I had a very good time with the Symonds. It's a very nice and welcoming family. I'd definitely stay with them again when I come back to Bristol!

  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8ynzm5nte zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  1696628c33fa9c6d0e3b2299c93359b69a7c6110&style=small

    年龄 25 - 34

    5 心
    九月 2019

    Claire-Louise's house is amazing and the family is lovely.
    They help you when you have requests: for example, they gave me maps and book-guide for the trip that I did in Wales (high recommanded). You can speak with Clare Luise and Jon, and also their two sons, Jonatan and Natascia, are friendly.
    They have a cat and a dog and you can cuddle them.

    The house has 3 floors: the ground floor with the kitchen, the living room and a back-door garden, with a pond. You can relax yourself in the garden. You can use the kitchen freely.
    In the first floor there is your room;it is small but furnish with the needed: a little desk, the bad and the chest of drawers. In addition, in the first floor there is the first badroom- Pay attention to the handle that change the temperature! - the landlord's room and a Yoga room.
    In the second floor there is the room of Natascia and Jonatan, and a second bathroom.

    Pro: the family, the house, the green back garden, the two bathrooms and the animals.
    Vs: The house is a little far from the center *but* you can use the bike of the family- it is a good bike- and the bus stop is really near to the house. By bus in 30 mins you are in the centre. 30/40 also with the bike.
    Overall,the experience was really good, choose the Claire-Luise's house :)
    Vote: 4.5 / 5.
    Good luck!

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  • Photo

    Saudi Arabia
    年龄 25 - 34

    5 心
    七月 2019

    It was a very nice family stay nice thanks for everything

  • Graphic avatar placeholder

    年龄 18 - 24

    5 心
    六月 2019





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