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Stayed in 九月 2020
Cardiff - United Kingdom

Meet Paula

Stayed in 九月 2017
Dalkey - Ireland

Meet Katie

Stayed in 九月 2017
Bray - Ireland

Meet Louise

Stayed in 九月 2017
Dublin - Ireland

Meet Orla

Stayed in 八月 2017
Stillorgan - Ireland

Meet Ciara


Reviews from hosts

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  • 十月 2020

    Michele is a wonderful guest - charming, polite and we had some lovely conversations. She is very clean and always tidied up after cooking. I would recommend her as a Homestay guest to anyone. Good luck with your studies Michele!

  • 九月 2017

    Michele is a really lovely lady and I enjoyed having her stay with me for the week... she's very tidy, considerate and very friendly and we enjoyed chatting and relaxing in the house. She's a pleasure to host!