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Tamara Meunier tiene 4 reseñas

  • septiembre 2019

    Tamara-san and her friend were very polite and kind so that my husband and I really liked to talk and eat together. She was like a Japanese who was aware of Japanese manner and culture well. Besides she could not only speak
    Japanese but read and write!We enjoyed playing cards together after supper. I want to welcome her again(ʘᴗʘ✿)

  • septiembre 2019

    She was politeness and tender.
    It seemed that they liked Kyoto's famous gardens and Zen temples very much, and enjoyed my house too.
    During stay, they were very quiet and room was used neatly.
    I would like to recommend to all hosts.

  • septiembre 2019

    She came to Japan to study abroad. She travels to Japan before college classes begin.
    She is very good at Japanese. She is an excellent student who can speak honorifics.
    She learned a lot of Japanese cooking methods from us to get used to life in Japan. She was able to eat anything Japanese food.
    She went to our local festival. She was also interested in local places where tourists would not go.
    We hope to see her again.

  • agosto 2019

    They are a very nice couple. We gave delicious jam and cookies as souvenirs. They used the room very cleanly. Thank you.

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