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Stayed in noviembre 2019
Auckland - New Zealand

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  • diciembre 2019

    We expect guest to abide by our house rules. Well Abdullah Aldawsari from the day one just wanted to do what he wanted. Stay up every night up to 2am playing his play station leaving lights on in both his bedroom and the lounge where we allowed him to used our TV for his play station. He made bathroom very messy leaving wet tissues in drain , shaving cream all over the basin, as well as facial hair after shaving. He left urine on the toilet seat and dripping to floor. Bathroom rubbish bin is full of toilet paper that he used not flashing in the toilet. He eat all the time in his room. He was very uncommunicative and did not want to respond to our rules. His bedroom after one week was like a pig sty, rubbish every where in his room his clothes are all over the place in his room. On his last week he wet , soaking wet a face cloth and threw it in the wardrobe to do damage to the woodwork. He did the same in the draw he turn it into his rubbish bin and the plastic bottle of water dripping almost damage the wooden draw. We kicked him out a night before his check out as were worried that he might create more problems. We would not recommend this person to be stay your home at all.

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