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Hey I'm Jac and I own and live in a top floor maisonette in a converted Victorian property near the trendy gastro pub the Lord Stanley. Please note you must walk up 3 flights of stairs to enter my home. It is located on two floors and the small guest bedroom and guest bathroom is on the main floor. The large guest bedroom is on the top floor next door to my bedroom which has a roof terrace with stunning views of north London. It is a great place for sun bathing, relaxing, and evening meals.
The flat is light and airy with a large lounge and a separate dining room area to eat and work in. The kitchen, which you have full use of, has all appliances including a microwave.
This is a female only household and the main floor bathroom is exclusively yours to use. There are house rules and 'leaving as you find it' is an important one. The flat is very clean and tidy and guest are required to keep it so.
I have a friendly indoor cat called 'Kitchen.'
I work as a psychotherapist in London which can be stressful but is rewarding. I enjoy live comedy, watching TV, going to the cinema, having dinner parties, eating out, keeping fit, reading, holidays abroad and tennis.
This is a non-smoking household.

Infos supplémentaires

Il y a un parking baies en dehors de la propriété que vous aurez à payer si vous voulez garer votre voiture.

Animaux domestiques


Équipement de la maison
  • Laverie
  • Parking
  • Animaux domestiques
  • Pets Indoor
  • TV
  • Accès Internet
  • Détecteur de fumée
  • Détecteur de fumée à chaque étage
  • Détecteur de monoxyde de carbone
  • Non Smoking

Chambres disponibles à la réservation

La durée minimum d'un séjour est de 6 nuits

La durée maximum d'un séjour est de 14 nuits

Disponible maintenant pour les dates spécifiées

Long séjour ? Si vous avez un calendrier régulier et que vous n'avez pas besoin de rester chez l'hôte tous les jours de la semaine, vous pouvez désélectionner ces jours ci-dessous. Ceci informera votre hôte que vous, et réduira le prix du séjour.

Chambre simple
À partir de £45 par nuit
Chambre simple
Capacité 1

Salle de bain private (exclusive to guest)
1 Simple Lit

Chambre disponibleNon disponible pour vos dates

Chambre simple est situé au 1er étage de ce duplex. 5ft vêtements rail, 7 tirage poitrine de tirages, bureau et chaise.

  • Bureau avec lampe
  • Commode/tiroirs
  • Table de nuit/Table de chevet
  • Miroir
 1 invité
Prix d'une nuit
Prix à la semaine
Chambre double
À partir de £50 par nuit
Chambre simple
Capacité 1

Salle de bain private (exclusive to guest)
1 Double Lit

Chambre disponibleNon disponible pour vos dates

This is a stylish large double bedroom that sleeps 1 person. Please note, I do not take couples/friends sharing. The wallpaper is dark but the room is surprisingly bright and airy with a 6ft clothing rail, book storage, a large mirror, a table and chair.

  • Bureau avec lampe
  • Commode/tiroirs
  • Placard/armoire
  • Table de nuit/Table de chevet
  • Miroir
  • Sèche-cheveux
 1 invité
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A propos du quartier

My flat is situated in a quieter part of Camden Town . The singer Amy Winehouse lived 30 seconds away from my flat.
A 8 - 10 minute walk will take you to Camden Road (Overground station) or a 15 minute walk takes you to Camden Town (Underground). Once in Camden you can join the hustle and bustle of one of Europe's biggest markets.
Alternately you can get a bus which will take 5 minutes to Camden Town.
The 29 bus stop is 3 minutes away and it will take you directly into Camden Town, Tottenham Court Road and Trafalgar Square. The 253 bus stop is 3 minutes away will take you directly to Euston station.

Équipements à proximité
  • Tennis
  • Parc
  • Gym
  • Natation
  • Cinéma
  • Bibliothèque
  • Musée
  • Centre commercial
  • Sports nautiques
  • Restaurant
  • Arrêt de bus
  • Gare ferroviaire
  • Hôpital


Les hôtes peuvent offrir un petit déjeuner léger gratuit si ils/elles le souhaitent. Les petit déjeuner complet, et tous les autres repas (si votre hôte souhaite les fournir), pourront coûter un prix additionnel. Les repas et les paiements additionnels doivent être arranger avec vote hôte directement.

Compris dans le séjour
  • Petit Déjeuner Léger Gratuit
  • Utilisation de la cuisine

Règlement intérieur

S'il vous plaît laissez toutes les zones partagées exactement comme vous les avez trouvés.
Laver le bain et essuyez le verre d'eau après la douche pour que les autres ne doivent pas nettoyer après vous. S'il vous plaît garder la cuisine propre.
S'il vous plaît demander ma permission d'abord, avant d'inviter vos invités dans ma maison. Vos invités ne sont pas autorisés à passer la nuit.

Il y a une liste complète des règles de la maison que vous recevrez à l'arrivée.

Il est interdit de fumer.

9 commentaires

  • Graphic avatar placeholder

    South Africa
    Age 25 - 34

    5 cœurs
    octobre 2022

    I really enjoyed my stay with Jacqui. The location is very convenient, with shops and bus stops very close by, while still being in a peaceful neighbourhood. Jacqui was very welcoming and very accommodating, creating an easy and comfortable accommodation experience.

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    Age 35 - 44

    5 cœurs
    juillet 2022

    I spent 11 nights at the Home from Jacqui. The flat is great, clean and beautiful. Jacqui is a friendly, warm-heartet, polite just an awesome Person :-) I really enjoyed the time with Jacqui and her home!! For a Trip to London is Jac the ideal adress ;-)

  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8zmjgymje zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  8885d805aea5de884868e68ac71783f5d296d645&style=small

    Age 25 - 34

    3 cœurs
    juillet 2022

    During the first days, everything was perfect. Jacqui welcomed me, and the room was super cozy and the bathroom super clean. On the sixth day of my stay, there was a misunderstanding. I felt humiliated and uncomfortable with the situation. In my country, it is customary and cultural for you to throw the garbage you clean in the intimate areas in the wastebasket and not on the toilet seat, as it can clog and generate other problems. However, Londoners have different customs, which is understandable as it differs entirely from Brazil. But on the sixth day, I went through an embarrassment that I found unnecessary and disrespectful. I felt treated like a teenager. Without any notice, I was called to speak with her and the cleaning lady. The subject would be where I should dispose of my tampons. I understood, but I didn't understand the reason for the scene. I said it was ok, but I wasn't on my period. However, unhappy with the answer, she made the clerk open the trash to “prove” she was right—an embarrassment I did not expect to have in such a special moment. The house, place, and neighborhood are wonderful, but I started to avoid contact because I did not accept the treatment.

    Lire la suite »

    Réponse de l'hôte
    Hébergement chez Jacqui à ,

    It greatly saddens me that Karoline experienced this and was unable to speak to me directly. It was never my intention that she would be humiliated.
    I had noticed a strong smell coming from the guest bathroom but did not know exactly where from until my cleaner discovered the bin and notified me of this. Of course, I called Karoline and pointed out that there were sanitary bags to dispose of intimate waste. When she said that this was not the case, this coincided with my cleaner opening the bag (which I did not and would NEVER have asked her to do. It was bad enough that she then had to dispose of this). Karoline then explained the cultural difference of disposing of toilet waste.
    Prior to this occurring, Karoline did not say anything to me about the smell in her bathroom or ask me what she should do about emptying the bin as it was very full when my cleaner emptied it.
    This is a sad outcome from which I have taken the learning.

    Lire la suite »

  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8zmjc3njk zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  12c6a122d58a604208b59b605956bf8ad581b595&style=small

    United Kingdom
    Age 55 - 64

    5 cœurs
    juin 2022

    I found Jacqui to be a very warm and hospitable person and I was quickly made to feel at home. Beautifully decorated, spotlessly clean, well-maintained and very comfortable. I absolutely loved staying here and would wholeheartedly recommend it to other travellers.

    Réponse de l'hôte
    Hébergement chez Jacqui à ,

    If Amelia contacts you asking to stay in your home, do not hesitate to accomodate her. She was a very clean and tidy guest. She can 'read the room', thus blending into my home like a chameleon. Amelia is a cultured and well seasoned traveller whose stories of adventures made me want to buy a ticket! A great guest who will be welcome in my home anytime.

  • Graphic avatar placeholder

    Age 35 - 44

    5 cœurs
    mars 2019

    I had a great time at Jac´s house. I felt really confortable. The house was very clean, in a good place of Camden and has all facilities. Jac is lovely and pays attention to every detail.

  • Graphic avatar placeholder

    Age 35 - 44

    5 cœurs
    décembre 2018

    Jacqui is a wonderful host, she is very helpful and generous. The flat is very nice, in a great part of Camden. It's within walking distance to the markets and King's Cross St. Pancras and close to public transport.

  • Graphic avatar placeholder


    5 cœurs
    mai 2018

    Me and my daughter stayed with Jacqui for a week in July 2014 and had a wonderful time there. The apartment is spotless, everything very clean and in order, the rooms lovely and nice, and Jacqui and her family (who came for a visit while we were there) are some of the most friendly, outgoing, nice and interesting people you will ever come across. In short, I can not recommend this Homestay enough. Thank you so much, Jacqui!

  • Graphic avatar placeholder

    Age 35 - 44

    5 cœurs
    octobre 2016

    I had a lovely stay with Jacqui last weekend.I was in London for my course and she gave a homely environment feeling .I enjoyed staying with Jacqui.Will recommend staying with her.xx

  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussimz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci84ntywnj9lehbpcmvzx2lubjsavekidhb1cnbvc2ugowbussimzgvmyxvsday7afrjig9lehbpcmvzx2f0bjsavda%3d  92159197057742cc2c35a286b6e3b025c9a87630&style=small


    5 cœurs
    avril 2016

    My girlfriend and I stayed with Jacqui and were extremely happy with everything. The home is spotlessly clean, warm and comfortable. The location is only a short bus journey from Camden Town tube station - public transport is brilliant there. If you don't know London then it's very convenient to the city centre. Jacqui is lovely to talk and we'd highly recommend her as a host.

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