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  • Dicembre 2023

    First of all, I want to remind any guests who are expecting to do a homestay in the future, that we are hosts who open our house to strangers, which means that we take many risks, like having the house damaged by guests or having trouble with guests. To avoid this, we set the rules but sometimes it is not enough as we have different lifestyles. Our house is not like a hostel or a hotel, it is not perfect for everything, and everyone has a different point of view.

    I have been doing homestay for a long time, and many guests and most of them understood and respected me as a host, as my reviews show.

    I entered her room because I saw her shoes on the Tatami floor and even attached to the paper wall. I forgot to tell her my house rules (and this was my fault), which means that I need to check the room to avoid many things, like damage, forgetting to turn off the air-con or heater, etc.
    I found a very wet umbrella in the room, hanging it next to the paper wall. The guest was upset with me for entering the room, and even said it was not wet, no apologies.
    I have never had guests who put used umbrellas in their rooms in the past.

    Also, she was upset when I put a futon for her boyfriend. I needed to show them how to put it and which futon to put.

    I only entered the room because there were reasons, I didn't ask for permission all the time, and most of the guests usually appreciate or approve what I do, but she didn't and I am sorry that this caused misunderstandings and that she did not feel comfortable.

    Everyone has his point of view, I think a hotel would be much more appropriate for this type of guest.

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