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Aiko ficou anteriormente alojado com 2 anfitriões

Ficou em Agosto 2018
Brunswick - Australia

Conheça Kathryn

Família anfitriã Kathryn em ,
Ficou em Agosto 2016
Vancouver - Canada

Conheça Dianne

Família anfitriã Dianne em ,

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  • Agosto 2018

    We said a very sad goodbye to Aiko and her family yesterday. Aiko and her very lovely kids were perfect guests. My kids just loved playing with Kazuki and Risa, such playful, polite and respectful children. A great experience for us all, my kids learned some Japanese, drank more tea than usual. We shared a few meals and it was particularly lovely to enjoy Aiko's home cooked Japanese delights. Wishing them a fantastic adventure around Australia. Hoping to visit them in Japan in the not too distant future. Any host would be very lucky to have Aiko and family as guests, we were!

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