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Madhav ficou anteriormente alojado com 3 anfitriões

Ficou em Agosto 2019
Varanasi - India

Conheça Anshuman

Família anfitriã Anshuman em ,
Ficou em Agosto 2019
Varanasi - India

Conheça Shruti

Família anfitriã Shruti em ,
Ficou em Setembro 2018
Goa - India

Conheça Flavia

Família anfitriã Flavia em ,

Comentários dos anfitriões

Madhav tem 3 comentários

  • Agosto 2019

    He is really a great guest, I would certainly recommend him. Madhavan is polite and very good in communication, he left my place the way he offered him. Respectfully in every possible way. I will be happy to host him again.

  • Agosto 2019

    Madhav is a lovely and easy going person. He followed our house rules with complete integrity. I will love to host him anytime again.

  • Setembro 2018

    Madhav was an extremely good guest. Polite, neat and nice. Did not take anything for granted and asked if he needed some help. We got along very well being in the same age group. Hopefully he will have enjoyed his stay and will return to Goa.

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