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Kathy tem 7 comentários

  • Agosto 2019

    We absolutely loved hosting Kitty! She was really lovely and easy going.

  • Julho 2019

    Perfect guest, a lovely, respectful and friendly person. Great person to have in my family home.

  • Agosto 2017

    I have just one thing that I was not happy about I took Joanne into my house and Samantha went to stay with Barbara She was due to go from my house on 28th August and then said she was not going until 29th I had to tell her I have no room for her as I have visitors from England she has gone out and left her luggage and left an note to say she would be back later for it and she is going to stay all night in the airport until 1'30 Tomorrow afternoon it is now 4o clock Monday I feel guilty letting her do that but I have no choice Kathy.

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  • Agosto 2017

    Great communication with Kathy. And a lovely student stayed with us. Highly recommend.

  • Agosto 2017

    Dear Homestead,
    Our experience of hosting students with Kathy was excellent, we had a tremdous understanding and good communication between Kathy and ourselves regarding the welfare of the three students Kathy gave us. All three students from Hong Kong thoroughly enjoyed their stay in Ireland. And we would hope that Kathy could give us more students in the future.
    For us it was 10/10 from Kathy
    Donna Keating

  • Agosto 2017

    A very quiet guest, happy to kept to herself. Respected my home and kept it tidy.

  • Julho 2017

    All good with this company and Michelle

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