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I live in Brighton le sands I am a single female work part-time as a carer honest polite friendly and hospitable would like to host a student I have been doing for the past 2 years and thoroughly enjoy it.
I live in an apartment with lovely water views and very quiet the bust stop is very conveniently in front of the building and close to cafes university and the beach I have a very friendly disposition and have lots of free time to assist students with there washing and other chores I also have ample Internet

  • 花园
  • 电脑
  • 洗衣
  • 露台
  • 烧烤
  • 电视
  • 网络连接
  • 烟雾报警器
  • 允许轮椅
  • Non Smoking
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每晚每间 $55

卫生间 分享(与家人/其他客人)
1 双人  床位



  • 书桌和灯
  • 可进轮椅
  • 电视
  • 梳妆台/抽屉
  • 衣柜/衣橱
  • 床头柜/床头桌
  • 镜子
  • 冰箱
  • 吹风机
  • 收音机
 1 位客人
2 位客人



  • 公园
  • 健身房
  • 游泳池
  • 保龄球馆
  • 海滩
  • 电影院
  • 图书馆
  • 博物馆
  • 购物中心
  • 水上运动
  • 运动场馆
  • 保健俱乐部
  • 捕鱼场
  • 餐厅
  • 公交站
  • 火车站
  • 医院



  • 简单早餐
  • 使用厨房


如果你想使用互联网,请注意它是每周$ 10 PP。


15 评价

  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8yndy3ndi zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  0e70b42277d17aececb48079b2ef47ed262d8a9c&style=small

    年龄 25 - 34

    5 心
    三月 2019

    I absolutely enjoyed my time at Georgia. The room is lovely peaceful and quiet. Thank you so much for everything!

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    年龄 55 - 64

    4 心
    三月 2019

    Very friendly host

  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8yndg2mti zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  3b7b244430daa3eb6c3f8667f8e83dac50431959&style=small

    年龄 18 - 24

    3 心
    一月 2019

    Georgia is a friendly and helpful person but unfortunately it was a bit dirty and cluttered in her house.

  • Graphic avatar placeholder

    年龄 55 - 64

    5 心
    九月 2018

    Georgia is a very lovely lady 100% happy with Georgia I will be staying there soon great value and great friendly lady

  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8xnzywnjm zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  25891fc16b7b5bf3995332c28bdc54b1c1ab170c&style=small

    年龄 55 - 64

    4 心
    二月 2018

    Georgia begrüßte uns sehr herzlich, wir wohnten in einem gemütlichen Haus, Nicht weit vom Strand. Sie ist sehr hilfsbereit und gab uns gute Tipps. Das abendliche Zurückkommen von der Stadt war etwas mühsam, da manchmal kein Bus mehr fuhr, zu Fuß ging es dann in 20 Minuten nach Hause.

  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8ymtc2ntm zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  44203c82c2ecefcd463c76025df46add8f71aa21&style=small

    年龄 35 - 44

    1 心
    二月 2018

    I am disappoined by the conduct of Georgia and trusted her good reputation. Irrespective of what her justification is the fact remains is that she unceremoniously blocked access to our room at 10:30 pm and threatened my boyfriend and I with law enforcement. I have texts to prove that she had no reasonable belief that her safety was in danger and that her racial predujice against my boyfriend was the true motivation behind it all. I would challenge Georgia to explain how she felt leaving a young couple stranded late at night was an appropriate response to a dispute over arrival time, given a check in by time was not communicated with sufficient notice. Georgia expressed to me that she felt hard done by and put out. However she placed us in a far worst position where we had to pay over three times the amount the rate of her room in order to secure overnight accommodation. I think the treatment we received at the hands of Georgia was absolutely disgusting and completely indefensible.

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  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8ymtmxote zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  870bb25713748bb3108d38012743f985f5610aa9&style=small

    年龄 45 - 54

    5 心
    一月 2018

    I had an excellent stay at Georgia's place.
    Thank youx

  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8xoty2mjy zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  6bc8f707336e30a9e02d269bea298b854afeac5c&style=small

    年龄 35 - 44

    5 心
    九月 2017

    I would say It was a great experience living at her place. She is ever charming, awesome and fantastic lady. She helped us a lot during our stay in regards to dining, cleaning and laundry free of charge. She offered us her car a number of times during our stay. I would thank her for her terrific hospitality. To sum-up, It was great experience and we enjoyed our trip a lot and the credit goes to her because of her help and cooperation. I will recommend others to live at her lovely place. I wish I could live there again

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  • Picture?ss=bah7cekicgdpzay6bkvussinz2lkoi8vahn0l0f2yxrhci8xnzy2mda zxhwaxjlc19pbgy7afrjigxwdxjwb3nlbjsavekidgrlzmf1bhqgowbussipzxhwaxjlc19hday7afqw  f405e4719b89d435a9040216c21996e3f74502a4&style=small

    年龄 35 - 44

    4 心
    七月 2017

    She is a fantastic woman. She gave me a lift from and to the airport tough for a small fee. She is a good company and provide me with enough information to get around. Dinners were good with extra fee.
    The house itself is in a nice suburb with a few minutes to a beatiful beach, around half an hour far from the city by train with access to bus stop nearby. The home is comfortable with a good bathroom.I felt alittle cold in the house as my stay was in the winter. Not a big deal though, as it is usual in Australia to use less energy.
    I would like to thank her for her hospitality and I reccommend this place for stay

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  • Graphic avatar placeholder

    年龄 65 - 74

    5 心
    六月 2017

    Great lady good clean place will be back soon, have recommended to friend already.




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