The Biggest and Best European Festivals in 2017

People travel for many reasons. Some travel for food, some travel for culture, some travel for the weather. Others follow the festivals. Here are 10 of Europe’s biggest festivals to take place before the end of 2017.

Written by Mary Plunkett

Weekend Getaways for Some Winter Sun

The short winter days and chill in the air can leave even the best of us craving a bit of warm sunshine from time to time. Here's our guide to some great winter sun spots in Europe.

Written by Kim Gillick

Top 10 Travel Destinations for 2017

Another year, another excuse to book a holiday! If you're working hard to see the world but not sure where is next on the list, we've got you covered. Dive into the best destinations of 2017.

Written by Michelle O'Beirne

Outdoor Adventures and Organic Food in a Homestay in Wicklow

As a travel writer, Dave spends most of the year on the move. So for him, staying with local host Cathy offered him the comforts of home while he set out to discover Ireland.

Written by Kim Gillick

Travel to Canada: Vancouver Host Ally Shares Her Solo Travel Tips

Visiting Canada soon? Vancouver is a cut above the rest, according to host Ally. Here she tells us where to go in Canada and what to do in Vancouver.

Written by Kim Gillick

Discover Canada: A Solo Traveller’s Guide

Planning a solo trip to Canada? We've pooled our expert knowledge to guide you with all you need to know to experience the best of Canada.

Written by Michelle O'Beirne

Havana Holidays: Learning About Cuban Culture and Organic Worm Farming

Steeped in history and filled to the brim with a rich culture, Havana offers something for every kind of traveller. Fresh off the plane, Anna shares her adventures.

Written by Michelle O'Beirne

Christmas Shopping Trips: 5 Short Breaks Where You Can Pick up Some Unique Gifts

With the Christmas season fast approaching, we've all got Christmas shopping in mind. To give you a little inspiration, we've put together five of our favourite European cities for buying Christmas presents.

Written by Colm Hanratty

How to Experience the Best of Sydney in One Day

If you’re making your way to Australia’s most famous city and your time is limited, this dawn (well, almost) till dusk guide should help you get the most out of one day.

Written by Michelle O'Beirne

Discovering Northern Ireland: Adventures in Belfast and Beyond

Discover the must-see attractions in Belfast and Northern Ireland as well as some helpful recommendations on restaurants, cafés and where to stay.

Written by Mary Plunkett

Solo Travel India: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

If you're planning on travelling alone to India, use the guide. From planning your trip to accommodation, find out what you need to know as a solo traveller.