Where to Surf: the Best of Europe's Beaches

Planning a surfing holiday in Europe? Here are the 7 best destinations for beginner and advanced surfers to catch some waves in Europe.

Written by Kim Gillick

Hidden Dublin: 12 Cool Things to do While You're in Town

There are lots of well known, fun things to do when you're visiting Dublin. But there's a hidden Dublin too; secret things only a local would know, and we're revealing them. Check out our list of lesser known things to do in Dublin.

Written by Mary Plunkett

10 of the Best Breakfasts in Paris

Find the best breakfast and brunch cafés in Paris with our Homestay.com expert guide. Discover Paris with our tips on the best eggs, croissants and coffee to try.

Written by Mary Plunkett

The Best Cafes and Restaurants in Marrakech

There are so many wonderful places to eat in Marrakech. Here's our guide to best cafes and restaurants in the city.

Written by Kim Gillick

French Riviera: Cities and Towns to Stay or Stop-off in

Whether you're heading to the south of France for the Cannes Film Festival, or for a tour of the Riviera, here are five towns to take in on the way.

Written by Colm Hanratty

5 Ruin Pubs in Budapest you Should Definitely Visit

Budapest has many qualities you won’t find elsewhere including its squat-like 'ruin pubs'. Here are five of them you should check out.

Written by Mary Plunkett

Lisbon Nightlife: 10 Cool Bars in Portugal's Capital City

Lisbon is a great city to go out in. We asked our natives for the best bars to experience Lisbon by night. Here are their 10 favourite bars in Portugal's Capital City.

Written by Kim Gillick

#HelloHomestay Winner Russ Shares his Bali Homestay Story

Guss and his world schooling family stayed with Bali host Ketut to learn about and immerse themselves in the local culture. Well used to travelling the world, we asked him how he got on in his first homestay.

Written by Kim Gillick

Going Solo: Things to do in Cape Town if you’re travelling alone

Solo travel is the buzzword of avid adventurers these days, and Cape Town is no exception to this list of great destinations. If you're heading to the Cape alone, check out our list of things to do while you're there.

Written by Mary Plunkett

10 Beautiful Beaches in Portugal for you to Discover

With a coastline as expansive as Portugal’s there is no shortage of beaches for you to check out on your travels. Finding the right one that’s away from the crowds and off the beaten track is another story. Here are our favourite 10.

Written by Guest Blogger: Laurence Norah

The Best Castles and Palaces to Visit in London

London has some phenomenal sights. There’s enough to do here to fill weeks of travel! If you’re looking to theme your visit, here are the best castles and palaces in London to see.

Written by Kim Gillick

6 Places to travel in the Philippines

With over 7000 islands, knowing where to go in the Philippines can be hard, so here are 6 places to travel to while you're there.