Swop Hotel Luxury for an authentic local homestay experience

Tell us about your homestay experience.

Homestay is hardly any luxury nor offers hotel style privacy. However, after seeing downtown touristic streets, lines of souvenir shops, loud and much too easy hostels, rolling trolley suitcases on cobbled alleys you feels so happy to take bus no.16 to your temporary home where the locals live, to a calm and "normal" districts.

What did you do in Edinburgh?

I was surprised to discover that the city was so big, so diverse and so much inter-related with nature. It took me an entire week to see everything from my long "to visit list" within a 30 km diameter. I prioritized nature: hills with gorgeous viewpoints and endless beaches but also saw man-made bridges.

Any tips or advice for other travellers?

Be prepared for any weather and its sudden changes. Visit museums free of charge. Use discounted fares on public transport. Remember bus stop names to get off at the right one. Walk a lot to discover more like Bobby's memorial or Union Canal. Beware of live firing in Pentland and sinking sands in Aberlady Bay.

How was your experience with your host?

It was good to see how regular citizens daily life looked like, in their own surrounds, what their problems were. Actually confirmed that everywhere living might look very similar, family celebrations, gardening fascinations and LIDL shopping visits, but also locals were not immune to global problems either.

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My new friend and flat mate Tara.

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Lothian County buses take you through and to beautiful nature.

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Scottish identity witnessed everywhere.

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Hiking up on Arthur's Seat for great views.

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Lots of fine (dog) walking opportunities around the homestay location.

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Scottish pie fresh from the bakery, the must try.

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Yes, of course, Edinburgh Castle with its 21 GBP entrance fee.

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The calm location, small gardens view.

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Learn Bobby's story, it might make you cry though.

Bus no.16 takes you downtown.

Weather changes at any moment.



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