Discover faces not empty places

Travel is about people. Homestay accommodation connects guests with live-in hosts who open their homes to travelers. Our hosts, in over 150 countries, turn a location into a culture, time into experience and strangers into friends.


Don’t just visit, live it

Homestay experiences offer a true value stay, taking you to the heart of the destination you’re visiting, showing you what it’s really like to live there.

True Value

Offering quality and affordability, homestays are a great value accommodation option for people of all ages to experience the world by staying with real people in their homes.

Hosted Stays

Every home has a host present. Homestay hosts are more than just temporary landlords handing over keys, they’re real people sharing their homes, inviting guests into their world.

Real Connections

The key to a great homestay experience is finding the right home and the right person. Our video call technology makes booking a homestay easy, giving hosts and guests the chance to see and speak with each other before the stay.

Experience a place with those who call it home

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