A great Homestay base, as we looked for our new home

Tell us about your homestay experience.

I enjoyed most was her true dedicated heart.

Before arrival, we knew that Linda-Jo, was a positive person and always suggesting help.  Upon arrived we learnt that she was kind hearted, wanted to give support to the community.

She shared her knowledge with us. She drove us around as orientation. She went to supermarkets with us, too. She even offered to drive me to school twice but I rejected as the time I was in jet lag and was tired !

What did you do in Barrie?

We mainly set up our new life here.

We set our bank accounts, found our new home, did some stroll at the lakeside.  Mainly the set up life activities in Barrie.

Mostly we visited Memorial Square, Heritage Park. We did some exercises there at Heritage Park. Some huge statue by(for) indingeonus people.
As we have no cars, we could not return home after 7pm.

Any tips or advice for other travellers?

Must confirm your accomodation type with the host. We picked the basement, accomodation, its so common in Canada.  It might not be cold for you, it is at least for me and my wife. I wear the down jacket inside the flat in very hot summer indeed. But we enjoyed the privacy & stay connected with host.

How was your experience with your host?

We get used to the 101s living in Barrie, and staying with host helped us to learn quickly:

Where to buy cheap stuff, ways to explore the town.

How to react with your neighbours.  What are the accepted customs here.

Where to chill out & have good dinner.

We also shared lots of cultural things, how people would react of different things in case we act differently and would cause offence.

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We didnt take much photos as we were looking for a new home. We barely walked out for scenic spots. 
We visited the memorial square most where people relax, play music there.  And Heritage park is the most visited place, too. This big sign stands there 24/7 and its a iconic sign in Barrie. Host told us around here in winter, the ice sculpture would be shown. We are excited hearing this !



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