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Piotr has 6 reviews

  • 六月 2019

    Very nice and polite guest. It was a pleasure to host Piotr

  • 六月 2019

    Piotr a nice gentleman always polite almost to a fault. Very kind, gave us a bottle if Prosesco wine. Very busy. Was nice hosting him. A nice guy. Njide & Daniel

  • 六月 2019

    Piotr was a lovely guest and I would welcome him back any time. x

  • 六月 2019

    It was a pleasure hosting Piotr, he was an excellent guest. He was entrusted with my apartment and didnt disappoint. Would definitely welcome him back.

  • 二月 2019

    It was a pleasure having Piotr to stay. A delightful man and a lovely guest!

  • 十一月 2018

    He was a good guy