Things to do in Interlaken: Adventure in Switzerland

Experiencing the Magnificence of Switzerland

Have you ever been to a location and been truly stunned by the beauty of it? For me, places like Interlaken only existed in highly edited pictures and postcards. So imagine my shock when Interlaken looked exactly like the pictures online, if not better.

Interlaken is situated between two lakes and surrounded by stunning mountains. I live near the White Mountains in the United States, which are often round and covered in green trees. The mountains around Interlaken were sharp, rocky, and (at the time) capped with snow. It felt like the winter wonderland of fantasy movies.

The mountains surrounding the city

The city is known for its wide variety of adrenaline-pumping activities. Sky diving, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, hang gliding, and canyon swinging are just some of the options for activities in Interlaken. I dreamed of sky diving, but ultimately chose paragliding with a friend.

Paragliding in Interlaken

If you have a fear of heights you wish to conquer, perhaps try paragliding! It was surprisingly relaxing: you start by running down a hill, and then the sail gets the wind beneath it and you easily lift into the sky. For the entire ride, you are suspended in a comfortable seat, strapped to an experienced guide. The view was beautiful as we soared around the city. Should you desire more adrenaline, you can ask your guide to some tricks.

After paragliding, my friend and I took a stroll through the city and ended up taking the funicular up to Harder Kulm for a view of the city. This is an ideal sunset viewing location, and you can grab a coffee or cup of tea inside the restaurant at the top while you wait. If you enjoy hiking, there is also a trail up this viewing point.

For my second day in Switzerland, I hopped on a bus and rode over to Zurich to see the Christmas markets and the city. Be warned, Zurich is an expensive city and I was spending far more than I was used to compared to previous trips. However, I still thought Zurich was incredible and worth the visit. We climbed up the Charles Tower for the best views of the city and then found some Swiss sausages for lunch. We returned to Interlaken in time for dinner.

Switzerland is known for its chocolate, so for my last day in the city, I knew I had to go purchase some. I was recommended to try Funky Chocolate, and it did not disappoint! I bought enough for myself and my family in six different flavors. Swiss chocolate definitely does not disappoint.

Overall, Switzerland did nothing but exceed my expectations. I went into the weekend with no plan and left with some of my fondest memories from my time abroad. I hope to someday return to Interlaken and finally complete my goal of sky diving in Europe!

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