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Bewertungen von Gastfamilien

Michelle hat 4 Bewertungen

  • Februar 2019

    A friendly lady, we have a lot of fun together. Thank you for teaching Peter interesting card games.

  • Dezember 2018

    How lucky we are, we have a wonderful memories with her. She is so nice, warm and kindly. She also cooked the dinner for us. We always can feel the cheerful from her charming smile. Thanks a lot for everything she shared with us. You're more than welcome to a little family. Looking forward to meeting next time.

  • Oktober 2018

    She is the perfect guest. Lovely, people's person, kind, organised, generous. We had an amazing time together. She speaks perfect Spanish.
    She loves languages and she is very good at them. It's been a pleasure! ;) I wish you the best in your adventures around the world.

  • Juli 2018

    Michelle is a lovely young woman - and very self sufficient. She was a pleasure to host and I highly recommend her as a guest. We really enjoyed her visit.

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