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Ich war im August 2017
thornhill - Canada

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  • September 2017

    Moshe and his wife were fee loaders!! They came Friday and said they had no food! We hosted them with our family and served them a dinner with soup, fish, chicken, and many side salads.
    It says what we provide on the page for breakfast. They ate break fast and even took with them all the fruit , all the bread, all the peanut and jelly packets!! When checked out, they wanted for us to make them sandwiches with cheese and eggs to with them to Niagara falls.
    Unfortunately we are lactose free and we do not have cheese in the house.
    We made them a favor and stored their suit cases for free for 3 days. We had to wait up for them to pick up their belongings.
    Those people you should not host as they are two faced !!

    דוגמה טובה של הישראלי המכוער, אחרי כל מה שעשינו בשבילם, הם יורקים על שולחן שבת שאכלו ממנו. בושה וחרפה, אני לא מתפלא ששונאים את ישראל בעולם, בגלל זבל כזה. עם כל זאת אנחנו נמשיך בשמחה לארח בבית הכשר שלנו יהודים וישראלים. אלו היו ישראלים שהתחזו לדתיים ודפקו אותנו ואת הקהילה היהודית בטורונטו

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