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Bewertungen von Gastfamilien

Gideon hat 3 Bewertungen

  • April 2019

    Absolutely disgusted with this man's behaviour! He arrived, was shown around and then he said he needed to go to the ATM in order to pay me. Never heard from him again? All day I had cleaned the house, cleaned his room, changed the sheets, washed the sheets. Baked a loaf of bread for breakfast and shopped at Tescos in order to cook his full English breakfast in the morning. He walked out of the door and I never heard from him again. I waited and waited, sat downstairs all night, couldn't do what I wanted to do, because I was waiting for him? Not even the courtesy to say he wasn't coming back. Whatever the reason he didn't want to come back that is his perrogative, but at least he could have texted me to say he wasn't returning. Of course I didn't get paid, so a full days' work for nothing! Running around after someone who didn't care about me at all?

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  • April 2019

    Gideon was a great guest

  • März 2019

    Was a pleasure to meet and host Gideon, very friendly, respectful and a lovely guest.

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