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Konnichiwa. Welcome to tokyo.
Sachiko and Kurara were born and grew up in Higashimurayama-city,Tokyo.
Higashimurayama-city is known as the stage of the ghibli movie"My Neighbor Totoro" and the home of the dierector,Hayao Miyazaki.It is the great mixture of the nature and the urban life to live.It also close to Koganei park where there is Edo Tokyo Open-Air Architectural Museum-Inspired to create "Spirited Away".
The park is also known as one of the most beautiful cherry blossom view spots in Tokyo.

We are and experienced homestay host more than 200 guests(a cumulative total of 2,000)stayed with us in the past from all over and the repeat rate is nearly 20% since its start of November 2014. The average length of stay of the past guests is about 10 nights.From our experiences,we believe our place is worth staying for guests like;
-Who want to discover the east and west side of Tokyo and sightseeing spots outside.
-Who is studying or working here, will be studying/working , wants to study/work in the future
-Who is looking for long stay from one week,however,short stay guests are also welcome!
-Who want to live outside city where is rare quiet area with a lot of nature in Tokyo and less "gaijin"(tourists).
-Who want to communicate with hosts and other guests sometimes get together.
-Who love sharing cross-cultural experiences,reading,traveling,music,and outdoor activities because we love those.
We will NOT ACCEPT THE BOOKING WITHOUT enough information about you. We would appreciate your brief introduction for the first message.
Although our family members' schedules are hectic with work and studies,we are always happy to share fun time with you as much as we can. You can always rely on us and feel free to talk and ask about anything. We are really hoping you will have new discovery and inspiring experiences through your stay here.
==Why we started homestay host==
First we want to share why we started this homestay.
Sachiko,Kurara(Daughter of Sachiko),Jun(Son) had backgrounds of living or traveling around other counties, and talked people, learned culture, history, and there is always something made us happy and interesting, or something that leads us to. What we learned is that while traveling or deciding what to do, we always look for something we can trust especially people, or information.
Whenever we come back to Japan, we always appreciate what we have here in our country, convenient transportation, food, nature, Onsen, Temples, advanced technologies, many fun places to hang out. However,a tough thing about Tokyo is getting busier and too complicated to know where to go in order to learn about true culture, history, language, or to meet certain people you want to talk.
That is why we would like you to help give information depending on what each of you want and support you to have wonderful time here.
We would like to request you to write about yourself as much as possible when you message us so that we can tell you read our description, and we will be able to know how passionate you are coming here and how we can help you.
====HOST MEMBERS===================================
●Sachiko,Born and grew up in Higashimurayama,Tokyo.She is very active and loves meeting new people.Her speciality has long been export and import business in a Japanese company,holds MBA degree majored in Globalization of Business.
After she left the company, she traveled all over Japan driving herself and some European and Asian countries. From those experiences, she opened the place called Junction Bar Roppongi,in the centre of Tokyo,where she can connect with people from other countries. She has organized lots of exchange events such as Sake tasting,Music Lives,Art exhibitions,Japanese calligraphy experiences,Japanese language lessons,Business presentation events,and so on.Now supporting disabled people at work from the experience of supporting mentally challenged people.A board member in PR of family support group of psychiatric disorder. Holds several certificates for severely disabled people's care and care prevention. Learning and a practitioner of orthomolecuclar medicine and nutrition.
Her hobbies are reading,running,boxing,gym workouts,wood crafts,cooking,surfing,camping,and so on.
●Kurara, 24, is a singer and now mostly working on a songwriting and vocal trainings. Her interests in music are 60-s 80s soul/blues/jazz and often has live shows in Tokyo. The other things she likes to do are a big adventure by herself to discover unknown places, outdoor activities with friends, yoga, eating, and she is very active and good at connecting with people. She graduated an American university and has an experience of living in US,Australia,and Germany. She is fluent in English,learning Chinese and German.
●Jun,23,has studied in Los Angeles for one year.He is shy,but really a polite and warm person. He played soccer and baseball.Watching baseball games and listening Japanese and western pops are his great interests.He loves going to Karaoke and Batting center(cage).
==About this House/ Service details==
Breakfast and dinner available for charges(not everyday depending on mom's work schedule)
Full breakfast 500yen/each, Dinner 600yen
※Meals are based on low-carb and high protein,no refined sugar,It's not vegan nor vegetarian.We can cook gluten & milk free meals,too. Please ask.

You will find the old style of Japanese foods aren't far from that before our food culture was influenced by the west.I hope you enjoy the harmony of Japanese foods in balance.
※There are varieties of convenience stores,super markets,drug stores(carry foods,drinks,and commodities),and restaurants in neighborhoods,too.
●We offer free one set of towels.Please be responsible for laundries on your own.
●No pick-up service at the airport(Narita/Haneda)
We will provide detailed access to the nearest station by email after your booking.We will pick you up the nearest station,Kumegawa(久米川), when you arrive.However,we will appreciate that you avoid the midnight arrival.
●All of my family members speak good English who have experiences of studying in the US.
●Below events are available to arrange depending on our schedule.Please ask us in advance if you would like to experience.Needed to be scheduled and reservation.
-Sake Brewery tour and tasting(Toshimaya Sake Brewery 10 minute walk from the house) 1,500yen
-Calligraphy lesson by a professional teacher at the house 1,500yen
●Recommended Sightseeing spots that most of my guests have enjoyed
◆East Side(City areas)
-Shinjuku(Shopping,Restaurants,Games,Night life,anything!)
-Nakano(subcultural walk)
-Akihabara(Maid Cafes,Animes....)
-Tokyo Tower(Akabanebashi)
-Asakusa to Skytree(the second popular sightseeing spot in Japan)
-Odaiba(Big Gundam)
◆West Side(Suburbs and Nature)
-Ajinomoto Studium(13km) Welcome !!!RUGBY WORLD CUP 2019 !!!
-Kichijoji-Inokashira Park(the most popular city in Tokyo to live for Japanaese)
-Ghibli Museum
-Kawagoe(search "Koedo Kawagoe".very historial town and easy access from our house)
-Mt.Takao and Onsen(Hiking and Hot spring called "Keio Takaosan Onsen Gokurakuyu"
-Okutama(You won't believe it's the same Tokyo area for its beautiful wild nature)
◆Hot Spring(Onsen) nearby
-Ofuro no Osama(in Hanakoganei station,just two stations from home)
Address:3-9-10Hanakoganei Minamicho,Kodaira-shi,Tokyo
◆One day trip to the below popular sightseeing spots and our guests have visited.
Please ask us for other spots you are interested.
●We have also experienced to host international students following schools,interns,and business travelers.
-Sophia University
-Musashi University
-Temple University Tokyo
-Musashino Art University
-The University of Tokyo
-The University of Tokyo Japanese Language Education
-Japanese Language schools
-Juntendo university hospital
- Amicus Therapeutics
-Musashino Art university

◆Universities in neighborhood
-Waseda University Tokorozawa Campus(10.2km)
-ICU(International Christian University)(10.9km)
-Tsuda University(4.8km)
-Tokyo Gakugei University(6.8km)
-Hitotsubashi University(8km)
-Musashino Art University(5.1km)
-Meiji Pharmaceutical University(3.8km)
-Housei University(7.9km)
-Seikei Universtiy(11.5km)
-Musashi University(18km about 40minutes by train)
◆Japanese Language Schools in neighborhood
-West Tokyo International College西東京国際カレッジ(1.1km)
===More schools for easy access from home===
-Human Academiy Japanese Language School Tokyo Campus(Takatanobaba station) by one train
-Shinjuku Japanese Language Instititure新宿日本語学校(Takatanobaba station) by one train
-TCC Japanese Institute(Araiyakushimae)easy access from home by one train
-Any Japanese Language schools in Shinjuku
◆Global companies
-Bridgestone,Tokyo AC Tire Plant(3.1km)
-Citizen Watch Co.Ltd(6km)8 minute train ride
-Hitachi Central Research Laboratory(6.9km)12minute train ride
●Recommended Restaurants
There are so many restaurants around the house,such as sushi,ramen,yakiniku,
shabushabu,yakitori,izakaya,Chinese,Thai,Indian,Korean,Italian,Noodles(Soba,Udon),and KARAOKE,too!
Please go to "Location" to see the details.
●Local Landmarks and National Institutions
-Shofuku Temple(the only national heritage of architects in Tokyo)(1.5km)
-Toshimaya Sake Brewery(the oldest-450years Sake brewery in Tokyo)(1.3km)
-National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry, Japan(3.0km)
-The National hansen's disease museum(2.7km)
-National Defense Medical Center(5.4km)
-Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Medical Center(8.5km)
-International Cooperation, National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disablities(6.3km)
-Yokota Air Base(16km)
-Kasumigaseki Country Club(19.4km)
●Other facilities
-Gyms and Pools
Higashimurayama sports center-500m
※200yen/each for gym alley,400yen for swimming pool
Rondo fitness club-1.0km※membership required
-Dance School
Noa Dance Academy(Shinjuku)
-Kojima electric shop(700m)
●Rental bicycle is available at the bike parkings of Kumegawa(north side) or Higashimurayama(west side) station.200yen/per day
We are looking forward to meeting you!

House Facilities
  • Garden
  • Laundry
  • Parking
  • TV
  • Internet Access
  • Smoke alarm
  • Air Conditioning

Bedrooms available for booking

Minimum stay is for 4 nights

Maximum stay is for 365 nights

Check-in date must be before 22 Mar 2020

Available for given dates

Shared Room 2 (1)
From ¥1,960 per night
Double Room
Sleeps 2

Bathroom shared (with family / other guests)
1 Futon Bed

Bedroom availableNot available for dates

Room 2 is more spacious than room 1&3.It is shared room with an other guest.It is Futon(Sleeping on the floor)style. Equipped with an air-conditioner/heater,TV,hungers,pinches. Available one set of towel(free) and laundry machine use(100yen).

  • TV
  • Air Conditioning
  • Dresser / Drawers
  • Bedside Locker / Nightstand
  • Mirror
  • Fridge
  • Hair-dryer
 1 guest
2 guests
Nightly Price
Weekly Price
Monthly price
Shared Room 2 (2)
From ¥1,960 per night
Double Room
Sleeps 2

Bathroom shared (with family / other guests)
1 Futon Bed

Bedroom availableNot available for dates
 1 guest
2 guests
Nightly Price
Weekly Price
Monthly price
Private Room 3
From ¥2,600 per night
Double Room
Sleeps 2

Bathroom shared (with family / other guests)
1 Bunk Bed

Bedroom availableNot available for dates

The room is private just for you and your friend or family,not shared. Equipped with an air-conditioner/heater,desk/chair,hungers,pinches. Bathrooms and toilets are shared with family and other guests.

  • Desk and Lamp
  • Air Conditioning
  • Mirror
  • Fridge
  • Hair-dryer
 1 guest
2 guests
Nightly Price
Weekly Price
Monthly price
Private Room 1
From ¥2,700 per night
Double Room
Sleeps 2

Bathroom shared (with family / other guests)
1 Bunk Bed

Bedroom availableNot available for dates

The room is private for you and your friend or family,not shared with strangers.Equipped with an air-conditioner/heater,desk/chair,hungers,pinches. Bathrooms and toilets are shared with family and other guests.

  • Desk and Lamp
  • Air Conditioning
  • Closet / Wardrobe
  • Mirror
  • Fridge
  • Hair-dryer
 1 guest
2 guests
Nightly Price
Weekly Price
Monthly price
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About the Area

1) 13-15 minute walk from nearest station called Kumegawa station(1.3km),Seibu-Shinjuku-Line.  
2) Located about 30 minutes from Seibu Shinjuku or Takatanobaba by express trains(Seibu-Shinjuku Line) 340 yen for one way
2)17 minute walk(1.5km) from Higashimurayama station(Seibu-Shinjuku Line) connected to Kokubunji St., JR Chuo Line(10 minutes from Higashimurayama).
JR Chuo Line stops many of major cities in Tokyo.
3)10 minutes by bus from Shin-akitsu station(JR musashino Line) or Akitsu station(Seibu Ikebukuro Line)
*LCC Bus from Narita airport to Tokyo or Ginza Station is convenient and reasonable price(1000yen)
*Airport Limousine Bus from Haneda airport to Tokorozawa station is convenient 1,540yen
Tokorozawa to Kumegawa is two stations by Seibu Shinjuku Line.
4)Taxi fee(one way) is about 35,000yen from Narita Airport to the house.
Our pick up fee to Narita airport is 20,000yen.(only available arranged in advance and depending on the day and time).
No stop by other places.
Taxi from Haneda airport about 16,000yen
Our service 11,000yen
5)Baggage Delivery Service from the Airport to Home

●Restaurants recommended
-Spice(Best Ramen in local)
1-4-1Hon-cho,Higashimurayama-shi(15 minute walk from home between Kumegawa and Higashimurayama station)
2-3-4 Sakae-cho,Higashimurayama-shi(in Seiyu at south exit of kumegawa station) (15 minute walk from home)
web page:
-Hama Sushi(100yen per plate! best conveyable local sushi)
3-3-47 Kumegawa-cho,Higashimurayama(10 minute walk from home toward Higashimurayama station)
web page:
-Yahei(Yakitori Izakaya)
1-16-1 Noguchi-cho,Higashimurayama-shi(West exit of Higashimurayama)
Web page:
-Modan tei(Fish Izakaya)
1-1-37 Sakae-cho,Higashimuaya(Kumegawa stataion-15 minute from home)
Web page:
4-33-10 Kumegawa-sho,Higashimurayama(15 minute walk from home)

Local Area Facilities
  • Tennis
  • Park
  • Gym
  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Bowling
  • Cinema
  • Library
  • Museum
  • Shopping Centre
  • Amusement Park
  • Sports arena
  • Health club
  • Restaurant
  • Bus Stop
  • Train station
  • Hospital


Hosts can offer a complimentary light breakfast at their discretion. All other meals will incur an additional cost. Meals and any additional payment should be arranged directly with your host.

Included in the stay
  • Use of Kitchen
Available on request at an extra cost
  • Half Board
Diet Type available on request
  • Coeliac
  • Diabetic
  • Lactose Intolerant
  • Nut Allergies

House Rules

☆Policy and Rules ☆
●Please make your payment through paypal by the date of your arrival or in cash o the first day of your arrival.Then we will give you the house key. Exception is not acceptable on your payment.
※Please burden bank transfer fee at your expense.
※We don’t accept by installments.
※All payment is not refundable after you check in.
● Please be responsible for your key and return on the day of your departure. We will ask you 2,000yen for the loss.
●Meals are not included in our price. Please refer “services” for optional breakfast and dinner.
●No curfews, however, PLEASE be responsible for your involvement of accidents, criminal issues on your own.
●No illegal drugs, underage drinking are allowed.
We will report the police right away when we find out your illegal behavior in our house or neighborhood.
●Please be careful not to ring or knock neighbors’ door at any occasion.
● We do not allow guests to smoke both inside of our house and outside(garden, deck) of our house in order to avoid the cause of fire.
●Please turn off every light and air conditioner/heater when you are not in use.
●You can use kitchenware, but not cooking stove. Please be responsible to clean up by yourself and put them back.
●Please refrain from using cologne or any other strong fragrance.
●Please separate trash following the city rule as guided in the kitchen.
※Please do not leave bulk trash such as stuffed animals, bags, shoes, suite cases, and so on.Those trash is chargeable.
●Please be responsible for your stuff, buy what you need, and your belongings.
●The bathroom is available for 24 hours. Bathtub is not allowed to use.
●No entry for non-occupants. Not allowed to invite friends without host’s permission.
●No loud noises, loud singing, odors or bad behavior towards others.
●We are not responsible for your lost or stolen valuables.
●You are not allowed to enter private room.
●Please do not talk on the phone at the room balcony in the midnight.
●We will come into your room sometimes to vacuum while you go out. Please let us know if you don’t want be disturbed.    

☆On the day of your departure☆
●Please do not forget to return your key
Thank you very much.

☆On the day of your arrival....
●At Kumegawa station,Wifi access is available at Mos Burger near the north exit of Kumegawa Station,McDonal's between the south and north exit.
*Free high speed Wifi is available inside the house.
● Breakfast(8:00am)    300yen/per day
  Dinner (18:30pm) 500yen/per day
※ Reservation one day in advance is required.
● Pure Water bottle 2L 100yen
●One set of bath towel  Free
●Laundry machine       100yen/per one time
●No pick up services except on your day of the arrival from Kumegawa station.
We are normally able to give you a ride to the station on your last day as well, however,sometimes not available depending on our working schedule.
Thank you very much for your understanding.


●Rental bicycles are available at the bike parking lots at north exit of Kumegawa Station.

Smoking is not allowed.

40 Reviews

  • 1550287365 original

    United States
    Age 25 - 34

    5 hearts
    July 2019

    Sachiko was a great host and gave me lots of recommendations on where to visit in Tokyo. Her meals were very delicious. If I return to Tokyo in the future, I would love to stay at her house again.

  • 1546269754 original

    United States
    Age 18 - 24

    5 hearts
    May 2019

    Sachiko and Kurara are very kind people. Though wasn't able to see them much due to being out all day, I would very much reccomend this homestay.

  • 1553839095 original

    Saudi Arabia
    Age 25 - 34

    5 hearts
    May 2019

    Sachiko-san was very welcoming very helpful from the first day I came in her house. the house is so clean, cozy and so quiet yet full of life. I liked staying there I wish I could have stayed more I'm so glad I got to meet Sachiko-san ☺️

  • 1544378736 original

    United States
    Age 25 - 34

    5 hearts
    April 2019

    Sachiko was such a wonderful host. Between the very nice home, delicious meals, small town vibes of Higashimuryama, and pleasant conversation, this was as nice of a homestay as someone could ask for, or even better! Sachiko and Kurara really make you feel like part of the family. As a guest they do such a nice job of sharing the pleasantries of their hometown with you. The location isn't too far from the city center either! One 20-25min train ride and you're in the heart of Tokyo. I'd highly recommend Sachiko's home to anyone looking for a homestay. I look forward to next time I visit Tokyo, as I'll have to stay with Sachiko again. さちこさん、ありがとうございました!

    Read more »

  • 1547957428 original

    United States
    Age 55 - 64

    5 hearts
    April 2019

    After learning about the country for years, this was my long-awaited first trip to Japan. Sachiko and Kurara's hospitality helped to make it a wonderful experience. Their home is located in a quiet suburb of Tokyo, about a 15-minute walk to two nearby train stations, with quick connections to the JR Chuo line, which goes to downtown Tokyo and connects with most other major metro train lines and subways. (If you are coming from Narita airport, we found the easiest route was to take the JR Narita Express from the airport to Tokyo Station, then take the JR Chuo line from Tokyo Station to Kokubunji Station, then take the Seibu-Kokubunji line to the Higashi-Murayama station.) The neighborhood is clean and attractive, with many nearby stores and restaurants. And the home is only a block away from a small river with paths that are perfect for jogging or a quiet stroll. The house is clean and compact, with simple furnishings, a shared restroom on the second floor, and a shared shower on the first floor. When Sachiko's schedule permits, she is able to provide a delicious home-cooked breakfast or dinner in authentic Japanese style. Sachiko and Kurara both speak excellent English and are easy to communicate with. We wanted a simple and quiet place to stay in the Tokyo area, away from the well-worn tourist paths, but with easy access to the metro area, and this fit our needs perfectly.

    Read more »

  • 1548185807 original

    Age 18 - 24

    5 hearts
    March 2019

    All the facilities are in perfect state. I enjoyed all the walks home alongside the river. The host family is very kind and helpful!

  • Picture?type=square&height=200&width=200

    United States
    Age 35 - 44

    5 hearts
    March 2019

    I'm a veteran from the United States. I have my differing opinions about the current political climate of the US. I deal with problems of PTSD from the war. So when I come to Japan... I am looking for a second home and a measure of peace.
    Fortunately that is what this homestay felt like, a second home. It feels so much so that I was sad on the day of departure. Sachiko, Kurara, and Jun are all tremendously unique people and you will enjoy your time with them. Sachiko goes above and beyond what she should do as a host. Every room in the house has been carefully setup for your homestay experience. There are labels, brochures, spare toiletries, and even playing cards if you get bored. I felt like she put everything she had into this homestay and it really shows. I have been a homestay guest 3 times and this is the best one I've ever experienced. Sachiko was also nice enough to give me a ride to and from the station from the airport. Trust me that makes all the difference when you are tired and worn out. She is also intellectual and can talk to you just about anything to do with cultural. Her English is extremely good and she even knows medical terms. Anybody who studies a foreign languages knows how difficult that is.
    The people make the homestay what it is but they also have 5 star accommodations. Kurara is a kind and gentle soul and is nice to have a warm conversation with. I enjoyed the time that I was able to converse with her. Jun is listed as shy but he isn't always shy. He likes to have fun and he is a hilarious person who makes me laugh. I went to the movies with them and I really felt like I was spending time with a second family. This really hits me inside because I've lost my mother in 2009 and my sister just this September. It's amazing by just doing the little things can make such a big difference in someone's life. That's the difference this homestay has made in my life. Sometimes I wonder why they put this much into their homestay's incredible. All I can say at the end is that I can't recommend this homestay enough.

    Read more »

  • 1535248574 original

    South Africa
    Age 35 - 44

    5 hearts
    March 2019

    Staying with Sachiko and Klara was lovely and calm, it was nice to live in an area away from the hustle and bustle. The walk to the train is about 12 minutes, depending on your pace, but a very straightforward one once you know the directions. There are a number of convenience stores open 24/7 on the route, as well as a Mos Burger by the station, which I very much recommend. Taking the express train will get you to Shinjuku in about 40min (including a single change at Takadanobaba, where you can pause for some Starbucks on the way to the other train line - try the yuzu tea). While Sachiko has her hands full with work, she will always try to find time to chat with you, and answer any questions she can. There are three guest rooms, so you might have a few new people to meet, as Sachiko gets guests from all over the world. Even so, if you're a person who likes to keep to themselves, you won't be intruded upon!

    Read more »

  • 1540738691 original

    Age 25 - 34

    5 hearts
    January 2019

    It was really nice.
    Sachiko helps you as much as she can when she is at home, including information about the surrounding area or just talking about random topics. Her children are nice to be around and talk to, if they are at home as well.
    She also set up a calligraphy lesson, which was a unique experience.

  • 1523271269 original

    Age 25 - 34

    5 hearts
    August 2018

    I've been staying with Sachiko for a month and it really felt like home. She and her family are very kind and accommodating and they helped me with everything I needed. The house is in a quiet and nice area but still pretty close to the city so you won't have any problems visiting any place you'd like.
    I highly recommend this place and will definitely come back here the next time I come to Japan.

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When do I pay?

Once a host confirms they're available, you can go ahead and pay the 15% booking fee (maximum of 199 $£€ for longer term bookings) and a 25% deposit using a choice of payments: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, Laser, JCB & PayPal. The deposit is collected in advance on behalf of the host to protect against no show or late cancellations (within 7 days of arrival). You then pay your host the balance due on arrival. The 25% deposit payment is made to the host 2 business days after your scheduled arrival date. This deposit payment will only be refunded if you cancel the booking at least 7 full days prior to arrival.

When can I share my contact details?

Host and Guest email address, phone number and home address will be exchanged in a confirmation email sent to both immediately after a booking is completed. It's against our policy for Guests and Hosts to exchange direct contact details via our messaging system.

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