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Homestay in Roxbury - boston, United States
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per night for monthly stays

About the Homestay


I live in a large 2000 square ft home with my husband and 3 children. I rent two rooms. one room is larger than the other and offers more amenities. There is also Internet and wi fi and students also have an on site washer and dryer available (must use their own detergent)
Easily accessible to public transportation, but I do have a car and will take students grocery shopping and show them around the city if they would like when I'm available if you'd like. My home is in the city, and close to many colleges.
Guest will be in a stable family oriented home with a caring family. I've had students from ALL OVER THE WORLD. It's been a great experience :-)

Additional Info

A one time cleaning fee of $50 must be paid upon arrival.



House Facilities
  • Garden
  • Computer
  • Laundry
  • Patio
  • Barbecue
  • Parking
  • TV
  • Internet Access
  • Welcomes
  • Males
  • Females
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Students

Bedrooms available for booking


3rd floor retreat
Single Room
Sleeps 1

Bathroom shared (with family / other guests)
1 Single Bed

Bedroom availableNot available for dates

Large room with mini fridge, new carpet, new paint, full size bed, and large mirror

  • Dresser / Drawers
  • Bedside Locker / Nightstand
  • Carpet / Moquette
  • Mirror
  • Fridge
 1 guest
Nightly Price
Weekly Price
Monthly price
Extra large vip suite
Double Room
Sleeps 1

Bathroom shared (with family / other guests)
1 Double Bed

Bedroom availableNot available for dates

Extra Large room that includes Extra large room`new carpet new paint Room includes: Sofa, Fridge in room, Microwave in room, Full Size Bed, TV with Netflix, Welcome Basket

  • TV
  • Dresser / Drawers
  • Closet / Wardrobe
  • Bedside Locker / Nightstand
  • Carpet / Moquette
  • Mirror
  • Fridge
 1 guest
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Weekly Price
Monthly price
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How it works

About the Area

Located 15 minutes from downtown Boston
Walking distance to restaurants and gym
15 minutes from Logan Airport 7 miles
10 minutes from Northeastern University 1.5 miles
15 Minutes from Children's Hospital 2 miles
25 Minutes from MIT 4 miles
30 Minutes from Harvard 5 miles

Local Area Facilities
  • Park
  • Gym
  • Shopping Centre
  • Sports arena
  • Restaurant
  • Bus Stop
  • Train station
  • Hospital


Please note that only a light breakfast is included in the room rate. All other meals will incur an additional cost. Meals and any additional payment should be arranged directly with your host.

Included in the stay
  • Light Breakfast
  • Use of Kitchen

House Rules

Lease Agreement

Guest must clean up after themselves and no overnight guest allowed. Must only eat their personal food. Common areas include bathroom and kitchen only. Payments can be made MONTHLY it does NOT have to be all up front. Payments are non refundable. First payment is due upon arrival. $20 REFUNDABLE deposit is required. Deposit will be given back when key is returned.

By electronically booking this room, you confirm that you agree with all terms of this lease for the entire booking date.

Check In: 6:00 pm
Check Out: 12 pm
Flexible with notice

Host/Landlord: Kimesha Janey Rogers
Location: Murray Ave, Roxbury, MA

Smoking is not allowed.

10 Reviews

  • 2 hearts
    September 2017

    First of all Kimesha was a lovely person as was her husband. Her family was absolutely delightful. I was also grateful for the low cost accommodation as staying in central Boston was incredibly expensive. I only found this out after booking a very cheap flight and was horrified at the $2,000 room only for a week prices. Kimesha really dug me out of a hole I dug for myself and I stayed there for only $230 which was a Godsend.
    That being said the house was nothing like the clean beautifully decorated property shown on the Homestay page. The house was simply a mess. Dirty and untidy and didn`t look like it had a lick of fresh paint in many, many years. My bedroom was simply horrible and I didn`t like eating in the kitchen as it was so unclean.
    Breakfast was included in the price but I decided to get my own food as I simply didn`t want to touch anything in the house as it was so dirty. I spent as little time in the house as possible because I felt unclean living there.
    I decided not to do a review but Homestay sent me another request and after some soul searching I decided to write one. I felt this family needed the money and I didn`t want to cause them loss of income.
    Kimesha even gave me a lift back to the airport so I feel very guilty making such a bad review for such lovely people, but after considerable thought I felt that I had an obligation to any future visitors to this house and, with great regret, I would not recommend this property until they get their act together and thoroughly clean and decorate their house.

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  • 1 heart
    September 2017

    Too Dirty and Uncleaned. They do not vare any hygiene at all. I do not recommend at all

    Host reply
    Homestay Host Family Kimesha in ,

    I had construction going on in my home at this time. The guest was aware of this prior to booking an also received a significant discount. Furniture was moved all around, walls were cut out, and large machines were all around. My house is open concept so it is hard to cover up. With that said there are no common areas except the bathroom and the kitchen. Those rooms were not affected by construction and left clean

  • 4 hearts
    August 2017

    Kimesha and bobb is great person personality.

    but,room was scattered.

    that causes people annoying and un easy to space.

    heart is4 however,please read it carefully

  • 3 hearts
    August 2017

    I think Kimesha was lovely and the rest of the family too.
    But they could have cleaned a little better.

  • 5 hearts
    November 2016

    Kimesha was absolutely wonderful. A delightful lady.
    The room was clean, and located on the top floor of the house, a good size. The home was very easy to get to by the bus, and Kimesha offered to give me a ride if I needed one. Definitely recommend it. The location was just fine, not near any attractions, but in a safe neighborhood.

  • 4 hearts
    October 2016

    This guest awarded the host 4 hearts but didn’t leave any comments.

  • 5 hearts
    September 2016

    I loved to stay at Kimeshas! I had a cosy room, perfect bed (the matress was incredible comfortamble), kitchen access, very good internet connection. In the area you have some small grocery shps and McD. Kimesha was very helpful, whenever I needed sth or asked her for things I needed she helped me. The family has sweet kids who are communiction masters for their age. I stayed lesser than I planned and Kimesha gave me the difference in cash that was great of her! I guess not every host would do that!

    The district is not very close to the city center Boston or Cambridge. However, there are very good connections and one of them is perfect: you take bus number 45 from ruggles and get off almost in front of the house.

    I did not feel myself unsafe in the area as other review describes. And I am also a white girl. The district is called Roxbury, and in safety ranking is not the best one.However, it does not mean that you should not go there. It is just different than the the city parts we know with big shopping malls, shicky bars etc. It is a black and hispanic neiborhood. I stayed 10 days and I came almost every day late eve home and I never saw any dangerous situation. People war sitting outside, chilling and chatting did not tell me anything or show any type of harrasment or so. Kimeshas place is perfect for sb who needs some days and weeks till he/she gets the permanent place, like in my case. It was the cheapest option and would choose that again if I would come to Boston and would need to stay somewhere till I get my flat.

    So, i recommend folks, to choose staying at Kimeshas without hesitation! And thank you Kimesha for your hospitabilty!!

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  • 5 hearts
    April 2016

    This guest awarded the host 5 hearts but didn’t leave any comments.

  • 1 heart
    March 2016

    I am a student who has lived in at least 8 families in her last 4 years, but I would never suggest you to choose this family.
    Don't get me wrong, Kimesha and her family are adorable, very nice, and gentle. I loved her kids and the grandma is lovely. I would give 5 stars to them as a family, but 0 as hosts.
    I don't think they know what it means to be hosts. If you want to be a host, your house has to be always clean and tidy. I'm not talking about private room, I'm talking about common areas such as the kitchen and the bathroom. They always were in a mess. Kids taking a shower and leaving all of their clothes on the floor was common thing. They took a shower and they didn't even clean the bath or the sink. She says "A one time cleaning fee of $50 must be paid upon arrival" and I'm like "are you kidding me!!"
    They don't provide you with towels and anything else!! A family should ask you every week if you have to wash your clothes, not force you to go find a laundry room and pay for it in the neighboring area.
    The bed in my room was broken and it wasn't a real bed (they made it by themselves) so I had to fix it each time it fell to pieces.
    Another thing, maybe the most important fact. The house is located in one of the most dangerous areas of Boston. I didn't know it before booking with Kimesha. Guess she should have said that. Each time I told someone that I lived in Roxbury, they were like afraid for my "situation" and they often offered to drive me home because the area is not safe. And I can assure you that they were right.

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  • 5 hearts
    April 2015

    The best Ever. they are so kind.

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