How to book a homestay for your next trip

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When Megan Jerard discovered that the experience of traveling to far off lands and living with locals in their family homes was available for not only high school students, but travelers of all ages, she couldn't wait to find out more.

Her very first trip abroad was in Japan with her year 9 language class on a high school cultural exchange. Ever since all she has wanted to do is travel the world and experience how other people live. Now she does just that, and shares her travel experiences on her blog Mapping Megan.

"I was intrigued and amazed at this completely different family, in this completely new country nothing like that of my own. They spoke a different language, they dressed differently, they ate differently (I had to request a fork from my host mother after repeatedly failing at chopsticks!) and they had different customs. But the one thing which really struck home was that despite all of these differences, we were still the same."

Read here - Mapping Megan: How to Organise a Homestay - about Megan's homestay experience as a young student, how it shaped her life, and why she thinks homestays are a great option for travelers of all ages.


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