10 Attractions to Visit in Amsterdam with 'I Amsterdam' Card

For spring break during my semester studying abroad, I decided to venture to Amsterdam for the first time. My sister came along for the journey, and I can already say that Amsterdam is one of my favorite European cities.

In order to maximize our week there, we purchased the I Amsterdam card for 48hrs for €74. That might seem alot of money but the card allows free access to most attractions (plus discounts at others), free public transportation, and discounts at partnered restaurants. So if you are visiting all the main sights it's definitely worth it.

1 ARTIS Royal Zoo

I am not a frequent zoo-goer, so I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this zoo. I really liked the reptile and rodent rooms. I even learned about the beaver rat, which looks like a beaver but with a rat's tail! I recommend the zoo for all ages.

Exploring the zoo

Tickets - €21 / FREE with I Amsterdam card

2 Hortus Botanicus (Botanical Garden)

The botanical garden is a perfect spot for nature lovers. It has multiple rooms with various vegetation, plus a room full of butterflies. This is a great place to visit on a rainy day.

My sister in the garden

Tickets - €8.50 / FREE with I Amsterdam card

3 ARTIS Micropia

Right next door to the zoo is Micropia, an interactive museum dedicated to microbes. It was really interesting to learn about the bacteria and microorganisms that we don't see, but impact our everyday lives. One of my favorite parts was the shelves of decomposing food items. Beware, though! This museum may not be suited for those who get sqweemish due to germs.

Tickets - €14 / FREE with I Amsterdam card

4 Canal Cruise

The I Amsterdam card comes with a free canal cruise. This is a must-do when in Amsterdam. The cruise provides a new perspective of the city while also learning some history. This was one of my favorite activities from the trip.

A canal in Amsterdam

Tickets - €16 / FREE with I Amsterdam card


This museum is massive. My sister and I even got lost in it a few times. We spent a couple hours here and didn't even come close to seeing all of it. If you're an art lover, this is the place for you. And even if art isn't a particular interest of yours, it is still worth seeing the famous Rembrandt paintings.

Tickets - €17.50 / FREE with I Amsterdam card

6 Van Gogh Museum

A museum completely dedicated to Van Gogh? What more could you ask for?! This isn't just an art museum--it also displays Van Gogh's past, his familial relations, his inspirations, and more. Seeing his painting Sunflowers in person was incredible.

Tickets - €17 / FREE with I Amsterdam card

7 The National Maritime Museum

When I first heard about the maritime museum, I had pretty low expectations. And boy was very wrong for thinking this, because this was one of the most interactive and interesting museums I saw during my week in Amsterdam! The actual Dutch ship outside is worth seeing, plus the whole exhibition on whaling.

You get to explore this ship!

Tickets - €15 / FREE with I Amsterdam card

8 Our Lord in the Attic

Because we were there for a week, my sister and I got to explore some attractions in Amsterdam we probably wouldn't have visited if we had had less time. Our Lord in the Attic is one of these places. It is a preserved 17th century Dutch home, and in the attic it houses a secret Catholic church. I loved seeing this house because of the history it held.

Beautiful /crazy day in Amsterdam today. My eyes/brain hurt from the wonderful.

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Tickets - €10 / FREE with I Amsterdam card

9 Museum Willet-Holthuysen

This is a preserved 19th century Dutch canal house. Being 200 years newer than the Our Lord in the Attic house, it was really interesting to see how the homes of Amsterdam have evolved. This house was large and extravagant, making it perfect for pictures!

The living room of the home

Tickets - €9 / FREE with I Amsterdam card

10 NEMO Science Museum

The NEMO Science Museum is perfect for families with young children. The museum is very interactive with its displays on the various floors. The top floor also provides a perfect location for soaking in the sun, seeing as it is covered in sand!

Photo: DigiDaan ✨

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Tickets - €15 / FREE with I Amsterdam card

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