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Your profile should show you and your home off. So make sure your house is at its best so that you’ll capture the interest of prospective guests.

Start with a snappy title for your homestay. Something to grab attention on the listings page. Then write a descriptive introduction and upload some great photos. You should have no problem encouraging guests to read your full profile and book a stay in your home!

You’ll need to provide a description about yourself and your home. These include your interests and hobbies, the number of bedrooms you have available to book, details on other occupants in your home, directions to your home, photos, house rules and other information as required. Guests love to read about a host’s interests and learn a little about the area they’ll be staying in and what to expect.

Host profiles with good photos are a lot more likely to receive bookings than profiles with poor quality photos that do little to show off you and your home. It’s very important that the photos you include in your profile show you and your home at its best.

Include a friendly photo of yourself. You can add as many photos as you like but make sure to upload at least one photo of the exterior of your home and one of each of your guest bedrooms.

Why not upload a picture of your garden, kitchen/dining area, your local park, your local high street or your local village or attractions? The more pictures the better as they will give potential guests an idea of where you live and encourage them to book with you.

Before going live, you'll also need to set up your bedroom rates and make sure your availability calendar is up-to-date.

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