Fuerteventura Accommodation: Exploring the island whilst practicing Spanish

Shelley Anderson and her partner Ian from New Zealand stayed with host Susana on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. They were looking to spend some time at the beach, explore the island, cultural exchange and a chance to practice their Spanish. They had an amazing time and really bonded with their host Susana. Read on to see how they got on.

Ian, Shelley and their host Susana

How was your experience with your host?

We gained a lot from our first homestay experience. We felt very welcome from the start and at home in Susana's house. We arrived late-ish in the evening (but not by Spanish standards), were greeted and given a tour of Susana's home and refreshments before being guided to a restaurant for dinner - a great start!

Pozo Negro - taken from the deck of the fish restaurant

Susana provided many insightful suggestions about places to visit that she thought we would like, including organizing a fresh fish dinner overlooking the beach at Pozo Negro (later than the restaurant usually stays open). Susana was a great host, great company and indulged us by talking and listening to us in Spanish.....I think under her guidance we improved a lot, or at least our confidence did. I think we would have missed out on a lot if we had chosen to stay independently in Fuerteventura.

What did do while you were on Fuerteventura

Room in Susana's home

We spent about a week on the island (plus one night in Madrid on the way home). We were looking for a combination of relaxation time, sight seeing and cultural exchange. I think we found it all, lots of time for lazing on the beaches (black sand, white sand, rocky), a variety of natural and built landscapes to explore and of course, socialising with Susana.

Faro el Toston (Lighthouse on the Northern tip of the Island)

The volcanic terrain was new to us, highlighted by a road trip down to wild Cofete - a stunning drive and interesting cluster of buildings. We loved the intimate bays and corralitos around El Cotillo. Our favourite beach was the black sands of Las Playitas, with the older fishing village nearby and several restaurants - also serving fresh fish overlooking the harbour. There was a nice feel about this area with the locals taking up their positions along the waterfront for afternoon conversation and sunshine.

We miss the beaches, the fish and feeling a little Spanish! as well as Susana's delicious and health-giving breakfasts!

Las Playitas village

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