Lovely Liverpool in Lockdown

Tell us about your homestay experience.

Whenever I travel alone, I try to find homestay accommodation with local people who can give me information I would not be able to get any other way. These are important little things like which shop or swimming pool would be the best for me, where can I find the best area to walk and so on but above their good advice we can talk about so many things, and I don't like to sit alone in a hotel room, that's not for me!

What did you do in Liverpool?

I went there to work but finally I did a lot more sightseeing... Carmel helped me to get over the disappointment regarding my job. She also advised me to go into the library which was a very good idea - I really liked it, and I think it's very characteristic of this town where modern and old are represented beside each other both at a very high standard.

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Any tips or advice for other travellers?

Most museums are free and it's worth to get to know the story of Liverpool they teach us. Especially when it's raining outside...

I loved to walk along the docks, the Mersey, and also Princes Road / Avenue, Take the sunny hours to walk! Buses take you anywhere and if you can spend at least 4 days in Liverpool, it's worth to buy a weekly ticket. If you can stay for a week, you can visit Chester, it has a lot to see, too! Merseyrail takes you there easily.

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How was your experience with your host?

I could ask whatever I wanted to and she was interested in me, too. She tried to help me many ways, but also let me alone when she saw I didn't need her company (she worked anyway, so was not at home most of the time). I found everything I needed in her house which is much more than a bed and a bathroom like in hotels.

I would like to write some comments for the photos I have uploaded. Unfortunatley I don't have any photo of me and Carmel.

The first picture shows the library's modern part, and you can see Greenbank Park on the second. A few minutes later the man in the middle caught a big fish that weighed at least 6 kg! There are many parks in the area where Carmel lives and many of them had a little lake as well

The third photo shows the synagogue on Princes Road. Many beautiful buildings are there, many churches. The Anglican Cathedral (see cover photo) is also near.

I am interested in the way people live and find solutions to their problems or needs. On the last photo with the Anglican Cathedral in the background you can see the rowing club in a dock, and swimmers in its water. I don't know how cold the water was but I saw swimmers in the docks despite the swimming pools were open after the lockdown due to covid-19.

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