Written by Kevin Fowley

Student Accommodation: Mon-Fri stays with now offers the functionality to book Mon-Fri type stays with our hosts, an ideal solution if you need a place to stay during the week but are happy to return home for the weekends.

Written by Suzanne Cox

5 Reasons why Homestay is the best option for Erasmus Accommodation

Erasmus allows you to experience first hand other European cultures, to live with fellow Europeans and of course improve your language skills. It may well be one of the most enjoyable experiences from your time in University, with memories lasting long beyond graduation. If you’re looking for a reason to choose homestay to further enrich this amazing experience, keep reading......

Written by Suzanne Cox

Improve your language skills with a Host Family in London

Samuel, 21 from France wanted to live with a host family to improve his English. He decided to stay with Kait and her family in Belvedere a 35 minute train journey to Central London. Kait, her husband Joe and their daughters provided him with lots of opportunities to practice his English conversational skills. He stayed with them for 3 weeks and didn't want to leave...

Written by Melissa Knowlton

Packing for a semester abroad

Melissa from the US studied abroad for two semesters. Firstly in Florence, Italy and then Dublin, Ireland. Going abroad is an exciting adventure, and the first step is deciding what to bring. Here are her tips on how to pack for a semester abroad:including her actual packing list.

Written by Melissa Knowlton

10 Steps of Culture Shock for Study Abroad Students

I'm not going to lie to you--going abroad is one of the most challenging things I have ever done, and it was all due to culture shock. I truly believe that if I had known more about culture shock before going abroad, I would've been better suited to handle how hard it was. So with that being said, here is my 10 step guide to culture shock for study abroad students.

Written by Melissa Knowlton

Studying Medicine in London, England

Satoshi recently traveled to London in order to study differences in medical procedures between the UK and Japan. During his two week adventure, he also visited local villages, made many friends, and enjoyed all that London has to offer.

Written by Melissa Knowlton

Studying Medicine in Southern California

Satoshi recently spent a month in Irvine, California to observe medical procedures at the University of California, Irvine. During his time here, he learned a lot about American culture and experienced the area through a local's eyes.

Written by Melissa Knowlton

9 Unexpected Experiences of an American Student Living Abroad

Melissa, currently in her second semester abroad, discusses the top nine most unexpectedly shocking things she experienced when first moving to a new country.

Written by Sally Meacham

An American Student in Dublin

I am an American student studying in Dublin for four months. At first glance, it didn't seem terribly different from the States. But looking closer, it's the subtleties that really make it different. Here are six things I've noticed.

Written by Suzanne Cox

Student Homestay in York

Carlotta and her friend Michele students from Turin in Italy stayed with hosts Ruth and Alan in York on a short trip to the UK.

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