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Kim Gillick

Kim’s obsession with travel stems from a love affair with food and the thrill of ordering a beer in another language. Her first real adventures took her around Asia 10 years ago and she hasn’t stopped since. Having lived and studied in France, nothing pleases her more than experiencing a new place. She’s also now a dab hand at making a croque-monsieur.

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Written by Kim Gillick

5 Amazing Vietnam Beaches for You to Discover

There are almost too many picture-perfect beaches in Vietnam. Choosing which ones to lounge on can be hard. Here are 5 of our favourite Vietnam island beaches.

Written by Kim Gillick

Japan in Cherry Blossom Season

Cassandra from the United States visited Japan during Cherry Blossom season and stayed with our host Kyoko in Tokyo. The magical Cherry Blossom season occurs from Mid-March to late April or even early May. Staying in a homestay allows you to get the inside track from the locals on the best "sakura" spots for example Chidorigafuchi Park in Tokyo.

Written by Kim Gillick

Havana Casa Particular

"Staying in a Homestay was much more valuable than staying in a hotel or any other accommodation because we saved a ton of money, and we really got to experience the Cuban culture, living with a real Cuban family."

Written by Kim Gillick

French Riviera: Cities and Towns to Stay or Stop-off in

Whether you're heading to the south of France for the Cannes Film Festival, or for a tour of the Riviera, here are five towns to take in on the way.

Written by Kim Gillick

#HelloHomestay Winner Russ Shares his Bali Homestay Story

Guss and his world schooling family stayed with Bali host Ketut to learn about and immerse themselves in the local culture. Well used to travelling the world, we asked him how he got on in his first homestay.

Written by Kim Gillick

Going Solo: Things to do in Cape Town if you’re travelling alone

Solo travel is the buzzword of avid adventurers these days, and Cape Town is no exception to this list of great destinations. If you're heading to the Cape alone, check out our list of things to do while you're there.

Written by Kim Gillick

6 Places to travel in the Philippines

With over 7000 islands, knowing where to go in the Philippines can be hard, so here are 6 places to travel to while you're there.

Written by Kim Gillick

Learning Japanese in Tokyo with a Local Host

They say there's no better way to master a language than to immerse yourself in it. That's exactly what Thomas did to learn Japanese. He stayed with a local host in Tokyo and brushed up on his skills.

Written by Kim Gillick

Accommodation in Auckland for the World Masters Games 2017

Are you heading off to Auckland for the World Masters Games? Lucky you! If you're looking for accommodation in Auckland during the games, we have the homestays for you.

Written by Kim Gillick

Win Cash by Sharing your Homestay Snaps

How about winning €100? We love to see guests and hosts enjoying their homestay time together, so we've come up with an exciting competition.

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