Can I cancel an accepted request?

Communication between hosts and guests are an incredible important part to make sure that Homestaying is the best time for everybody! That is why, specially as a host, is significant knowing how to use the messaging system.
As a start, the platform does not cancel or delete booking requests. Once a request has been accepted, it can't be changed. 
However, you have two possibilities to manage requests that are not wanted anymore:
1. If the request was sent to you by a guest, it can not be cancelled. For this, the best solution is to to send a new message to let the visitor know that the room is no longer available and thanking them for interest in your homestay. If you have received a booking from another platform, we suggest that you block out your calendar to ensure that there are no more requests sent to you for these dates. 
2. If you as a host sent an offer to your guest using the  'Find Guest' section, you can change the status of the request cancelling the offer. This means that the message will continue on the system but the guest won't be able to book your Homestay using the offer that you had sent. 
To do that, go to your account and click in 'inbox' on the top right of the page. Select the request you want to remove and click on 'Cancel Offer'. 

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