How is my response rate and time calculated?

Your response rate and time show how quickly and consistently you initially reply to guests who request to stay with you. They appear on the right hand side of your listing page.


What impacts your response rate and response time?

Accepting or declining a request

Your top priority as a host is to reply to guests when they request to book your homestay and do so as soon as possible. This improves your response rate and response time. It's worth noting that we automatically close requests after 36 hours. 


Calculating response rate

The response rate measures the percentage of new inquiries and booking requests you respond to within 36 hours over the past 30 days.

However, if you've received fewer than 10 new message threads in the past 30 days, your response rate will be calculated based on your responses to your 10 most recent new message threads from the past 90 days.

It takes into account responses to all message threads including new messages from guests who have reached out previously, more than 30 days ago.

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